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Longquan Celadon Di ware Gift Tea Set

Longquan Celadon Di ware Gift Tea Set

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Contains: 1 teapot (lid, teapot body with built tea strainer), 4 teacups, 1 gift box

Material: Porcelain


Teapot: 200-250ml;

Teacups: 50ml

The alluring beauty of Xi Shi shaped pots. Named after the renowned beauty of ancient China, these pots are not only beautiful to look as but a joy to handle. Their roundness and compact design with a stubby spout and shallow handle that are less prone to breakage.

  • Exquisite gift box, perfect choice for a present.
  • The smooth shape of the teapot spout is nice for pouring and dividing the tea.
  • The tea strainer is built together with the teapot for automatic extraction when pouring tea out.
  • The bottom is polished and levelled to avoid scratching your table.
  • The curve of teacups is nice and smooth, perfectly fitting your mouth shape. Enjoy drinking tea comfortable and elegant.
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